Flaming Babies And Bazooka Ducks

Poser, no postwork

No, really.

This is what happens when I do what my boys tell me to do. We’d hunkered down yesterday to watch Star Wars IV in celebration of Star Wars Day when they announced that they had something for me to do in Poser.

“Sure”, says I, expecting something straight-forward like a Superhero pic. Easy peasy.

“We want a duck carrying a bazooka and a baby covered in fire, like a mini Human Torch.”


It turns out that flamingbaby and killerduck (here renamed to Bazooka Duck, just because) are nicknames they made up on the CBBC website, so they wanted piccies. Never one to admit defeat (well, not after the first try, anyhow), these were the result.

Well hey, the boys liked ‘em :)

We also started putting together a set of Dragon Top Trumps cards using the Magic Set Editor I’d blogged about earlier. Here’s a sneaky peek or two:

http://home.greywulf.uk.to/images/Snake_Dragon.jpg http://home.greywulf.uk.to/images/Dragonian_War_Cow.jpg

Cute, eh? I’ll post up the full set when we’re done. We’ve ten cards so far. Only 42 (are there 52 cards in a Top Trumps deck?) to go. That’s a lot of Dragons!

Also, I’d forgotten just how little music there is in the original Star Wars movie. Surprising, eh? Almost all of the scenes are musicless, with the (brilliant) score reserved for cut-scenes and the like. And it’s much, much better for it. Take note movie producers who insist on having thematic music droning in the background of every single scene like it’s being played out in an elevator or somethin’.

More, laterer.

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