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The Grey Wulf
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The Magic Set Editor is a free, opensource app for Windows and Linux which lets you (well, duh) create your own Magic the Gathering, VS System and Yu-Gi-Oh Cards. What’s more it works, brilliantly.

I’d just put the finishing touches to my render of The Grey Wulf, my self-named iconic Barbarian/Ranger of the Frozen Wastes (character sheet here) and thought he’d make a rather good image-shot for a Magic the Gathering card. One google later and I’m deep into the Magic Set Editor. That’s not to imply it’s complex – just double click to add an image, confirm the crop, add flavour text and Magic icons and you’re done. The resulting exported jpeg is (as you can see above) crisp, clean and darned near perfect. Just so you know – I’ve made no attempt to make the stats and values correct for a Magic game. This is me going for the look, not accuracy. If anyone wants to suggest more accurate values, please feel free to make suggestions :)

The only thing that’s missing is that I’d be even happier if it could make Top Trumps cards too; that would just be icing on the cake.

Expect more of these in future!

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  1. > I’d be even happier if it could make ‘Top Trumps’ cards too

    … with a bit of elbow grease, you can make your own templates for use with MagicSetEditor. I have such templates for making new cards for ‘Nanofictionary.’

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