As He Leaves
Poser, incomplete, no postwork

Incomplete. Gah.

It’s incomplete because this is the next-to-final render. I’d just made a few minor adjustments, moving the figure back a tad, repositioning both hands on the walls and bringing the ground steam forward a touch.

Then the damned thing crashed, unsaved. AAAAAAAAaaaaaaargh!!!

I’m not setting it all up again, so you’ve got this next-to-final render, and that’s all. Ah well.

There’s something about scenes set in a railway station. Add in all that steam (there’s a steam engine in the background too – honest!) and a love-lost woman and you’re firmly into Brief Encounter territory. Great stuff.

Even better – feed it through the Old Photo Generator (japanese, but easy to use), and you get this:

Which pretty much makes up for the Poser crash. Just this once :)

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