Microlite20 In Print

Microlite 20 in print
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These are German translation 26 page, A5, saddle stitched, full color booklets put together by Mondbuchstaben (from the EN World Forums) for a Role Play Convention in Münster. They were created to promote his company’s anime themed DVDs and upcoming cinema release of Brave Story.

And. They. Look. Fantastic!

Seriously, they’re great – full colour throughout, great layout, the works. He’s done a superb job from start to finish.

From the table of contents:

  • Basic Rules
  • Abilities, Races, Classes
  • Skills, Combat
  • Magic, Experience
  • Market, Money, Weapons
  • Armor & Shields, Equipment
  • Arcane Spells
  • Divine Spells
  • Game Master Section
  • Astragard Setting
  • Common Game Situations
  • Traps
  • Monsters and Creatures
  • Character Sheet
  • Open Gaming License and Copyright

Occasional art drawn from the Anime DVDs.

Microlite20 – taking over gaming an atom at a time!

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