Removal Day

Yesterday I committed heresy.

I removed Linux from my laptop.

Before you burn me at the stake, let me explain though. I’ve run Linux since the penguin was an egg. It’s been on every single computer I’ve owned, frequently as the sole Operating System. This laptop has run Ubuntu Linux through 5.10 to 6.06 to 7.06 to 7.10 all the way to the latest betas of 8.04, all upgrading seamlessly along the way. That’s quite an achievement, especially compared to the Wonderful World of Windows where you have to wipe-and-reinstall if you so much as sneeze in the wrong direction.

But now, it’s time for a de-clutter. Space is short on this little laptop, so I decided to completely remove my Ubuntu partition, resize my XP partition to fill the drive and sit back and wait.

I’ve ordered a shiny new Ubuntu 8.04 CD, and when that arrives I’m going to start afresh. In the meantime, my Linux needs are being sated by a teeny tiny 50Mb install of Damn Small Linux running under qemu inside XP. That’ll do for now.

I feel so dirty stuck in Windows XP all the time. Ick. It’s amazing how the change of OS makes such a difference – performance is MUCH lower under Windows, and stability is, frankly, a bit of a joke when you’re used to not rebooting for months on end. Needs must though – Poser demands LOTS of disk space.

Give it a week. I’ll be running back to Linux with my head in my hands, I’m sure :)

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