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Hm… I’d like an Adium plugin that posts my status message to Twitter. Or maybe you can be friends with a bot (probably speaking Jabber) that will read your status message and post it to Twitter. Hm.

AlexSchroeder 2008-04-22 07:35 UTC

TwitterAdium is the plugin you’d need, I think :)

GreyWulf 2008-04-22 10:09 UTC

Thanks. [1] :)

AlexSchroeder 2008-04-22 18:02 UTC

Microblogs exist now in many languages:
English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, French, Korean, German, Turkish, Italian, Polish, Dutch, Portuguese, Romanian.

there is even a specialization under way for specific usages.

jansegers 2008-04-26 11:04 UTC

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