Evolution Is Circular

Poser plus Photoshop postwork. By me.

What goes around comes around.

When mankind has finally died out due to the weight of supermarket carriers bags tilting the axis of the Earth into a New Ice Age (I’ve studied global warming. I know how these things work), will birds lose their feathers, grow to enormous size and take over the planet once more? I certainly hope so.

Given a choice between birds, insects and reptiles as the next superspecies collective, I’d go with birds every time. Reptiles are just too darned slow and smug looking, and insects freak out far too many folks. I’ve never understood why, but there you go. Mind you, given a choice between a 16 foot tall beetle or a Tyrannosaurus Chicken, I’ll take the chicken any time. Yum.

What you think? What would you have as the next superspecies on this little planet of ours?

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