Small But Mighty
Poser + just a little Photoshop postwork and compositing. By me.

Who da man?! Who da man??!! Da dwarf, he da man!!! Yeah! Yeah!!

This is one of the three (count ‘em! Three!) renders I made yesterday, all of which I’m very pleased with. This one was easily the most frustrating to put together, as for some reason that darned dead dragon kept crashing Poser each time I added it to the scene. This was all the more annoying because (of course) I hadn’t saved the scene. Each time. I put this together three times all told. On the third attempt I just rendered it without the dragon then rendered him separately on a screen background and composited with Photoshop. That worked fine. Strange, huh?

It’s rare I save anything in Poser. Partly that’s because it’s not often I build a scene I want to go back to, but also because Poser scene filesizes are So Darned Huge. Even a simple scene can run to 30 or 40Mb, which is a heck of a lot when your lil laptop only has a teensy teensy 40Gb drive. So, when the scene is done, it’s done and I move onto the next.

Keywords: dead red dragon, dwarf, axe, dungeon, rpg, D&D, fighter

(Note to self: I really ought to use tagging for these and do it properly.)

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