Gorgeous Car Of The Day

Found at the ever-terrific Dinosaurs and Robots blog, and well worth repeating:

1968 Goggomobil 250 Coupe ebay listing
Click image to go to the eBay listing. More pics!

This is a very rare 1968 Goggomobil 250 Coupe. There are probably less than 50 of this model here in the US. They were built from’57 to’69. They were built by Hans Glas GmbH in Dinggolfing, Germany. It is approx 10’ x 4’, weighs approx 925 lbs. It has a 250 cc twin 2-stroke with a 4 speed transmission with reverse. It is considered a micro car, although it will hold 2 adults along with 2 children comfortably. Top speed of 60 mph.
I have decided to sell my collection as my MS has progressed. This car was cosmetically restored in Germany before being imported. The engine, tranny and brakes are excellent. The original Owner’s Manual and Shop Manual are included. The original keys, even the original key fob are included. The car has the original black rubber mats with logo and the optional burlap mats, all in excellent condition.

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