A cloud of smoke, a short-range teleport, someone appears.

But this ain’t no Nightcrawler, bub.

Meet Smoke, AKA Roma Griffen. she’s an ex-CIA assassin who decided enough was well and truly enough when she was order to kill a boy who would one day become President of the United States. Now, she works the other side taking down those who deserve her particular brand of justice. Think Nightcrawler with The Punisher’s moral code. Icky, yes?

Roma is able to teleport relatively short distances – up to two miles. She has been known to teleport further, but this disorientates and leaves her in considerable pain. She is also a precog; this serves as both a Danger Sense and allows her to target her teleports with great precision. Her CIA mentors speculated that it is the range of her precognitive ability which limits her teleport range, and wheels were set in motion before her departure to covertly experiment on her with psycho-active drugs. They are still keen to continue these tests; Roma is most definitely not forgotten.

So there you have it; my latest Superhero render. Hope you like it :)

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