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Nice post. Nicely thought out and written (as usual). Q10 must work for you… I’ll certainly try it but to be honest, the whole writeroom thing has always felt a bit “faddy” to me. I have evangelised using flat text editors (vi, emacs vim and especially notepad) to all my friends for years. I even think notepad is still the best web-dev tool for basic pages / scripted pages (if you don’t need code highlighting / tooltips) as there is almost no distraction / urge to prettify your work.

Still – I dunno that we need whole new “appz” and especially ones that pressure you by showing you your productivity. Perhaps journalists will benefit from that and maybe NaNoWriMo entrants (I still think that’s a stretch) but the rest of us should be focusing on creativity not productivity!

Salubri 2008-04-14 11:05 UTC

Thanks for the comment :)

You’re right about them being faddy. There’s no doubt that they are, but it’s interesting to see a lo-tech fad for a change. There’s a definite move in the air toward cheaper, lighter, more productive solutions – take a look at the recent trend for ultra low-spec, low-cost laptops, for example, and I think the whole Writeroom thing is a part of the same trend.

Folks are moving away from the bling of Vista and the like, and want things that just work.

Remember, blogging is still “just a fad” :)

GreyWulf 2008-04-14 11:30 UTC

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