The Colour of Light

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As with the direction of the light, the colour of the light can be used to set a mood too. But before we get to that, here’s a quick question for you:

What colour is sunlight?

C’mon, we see it every day. It’s all around us. It’s not a difficult question. The clock is ticking………

It’s not that easy to answer. If you answered “pure white” you’re kinda right, but that’s before our atmosphere gets around it. Gas and water particles shake it up and spit it out into a kaleidoscopic cocktail of colours. The light we see can vary from blue-toned to golden yellow, and anywhere in-between. The seasons change the tone of the light, as does the time of day, weather conditions and (it seems) the mood of the Gods themselves. The same scene can take on a million different looks just due to the shifting sun and the quality of the light. It’s easy to see why us photographers become obsessed with shooting the same place time and again, eh?

But anyhow.

Cleverer people than me have written about how colour affects moods and it’s just one more of those things to think about when you’re taking photographs, building a 3d render or whatever. For the three images above I’ve used the tone of the light to evoke very different moods; it’s every bit as important a part of the images as…. well, anything else, really.

Any questions?

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