Light Is Everything

“Light is everything.”

I remember being told that by an elderly photographer when I first became fascinated with cameras. Like a dutiful student, I nodded sagely, but didn’t really understand what he meant. I reckon it’s one of those things that can be learned, but not taught. I had to discover the truth of that statement for myself. Now, I’m going to say it to you, and you’ll most likely nod sagely too, just as I did. But you’ll learn.

“Light is everything.”

It doesn’t matter whether it’s photography, 3d modelling or fine arts, it’s the light that matters the most. I’ll prove it to you.

Below is a never before seen image of Jessica Alba nude. Yep, it’s pretty rare. Most of the other pics of Jessica Alba nude have already been seen. Heck, we even know what her tonsils look like. Looking up. But I digress…..
If this doesn’t get Google hits, I don’t know what will

Oh, I forgot to mention. There’s no lights in that shot at all. Sorry. You’re going to have to look elsewhere.

No lights, no pic. It’s that simple.

With lights though, even the simplest of objects can take on new meaning. Light gives us depth, a point of interest and (should you choose) colour too. Our eyes need light to discern texture and movement; an image without light is…. well, black. And that’s monochrome taken literally.

Of course, just having light isn’t enough. It’s what you do with it that matters. Most photographers do absolutely nothing with it and don’t consider it at all – or, even worse, spoil what light there is by adding more in the form of a cheapass nasty built-in flash. Don’t get me wrong – on-camera flash can be used creatively and well, but most of the time it isn’t.

We have a great light-source available in the form of our friendly neighbourhood star. The Sun make for a terrific light; it’s directional, and casts very nice shadows. The problem is that’s it’s remarkably difficult to control unless you happen to be Superman or somethin’. When those majical moments occur though where the Sun happens to be in just the right place to turn that cruddy piece of rock in to Something Special, shoot away. If not, use the Technique of Experts and wait. Patience is one of the best tricks behind great photographs.

Over the next few days I’m going to be making blogposts with a theme. And the theme will be light. How to use it, why to use it, and when to use it.

It is, after all, everything.

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