Monks Scare Me

“Monks scare me; it’s their eyes. There’s something about the way they can leap around and fight like the furies themselves, but all the time their eyes are dead calm. It’s as if their minds are someplace else while their bodies are jumpin’ and leapin’ and killin’. It’s not natural. There’s no passion in the way a Monk behaves, and that scares me.”

“And if there’s one thing more frightening than a Monk, it’s an Elven Monk. These guys can meditate for decades if they wanted to, and can move like nothing you’ve ever seen. It’s like watching some fancy dance at high speed, and all the time bodies are dropping around them.”

“Taint natural. I tell yer.”

The pic above is probably the simplest Poser render I’ve done for ages (click for larger image). It’s just a default Michael 3 figure, one body morph + one head morph. Apply pose, setup camera, render using default lights, done. Start to finish it took less than 5 minutes, and I figured any fiddling on my part would only make it worse, so (for once) I left it well alone.

Did I mention that Elven Monks totally rock?

On an unrelated note, the server has been down for around a day again, so I’m hunting out a new host for In the meantime, if the sites go down in the future (I suspect they will), find me on my alternative blog over at Update your rss feeds!

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