A Rogue For All Seasons


“Gentlemen, this is Iolde Emmen, also known as Delal Nuick, Elmina Londard, Keltor Urn’usko, Arayu Llirdack – and, I’m sure, more that even we are aware of. He is a rogue, a scoundrel and a nuisance of the first order who leaves a mile wide path of broken hearts, emptied jewellery boxes and enraged husbands wherever he goes. As you can see, his skill with the rapier is only matched by his poor taste in clothes. Among his many dubious talents Iolde is a capable forger, superb climber and expert lockpick. For all his faults though, our records show Iolde has never killed; our man is no murderer.”

“In short, he’s just the kind of person we need for this job.”

Here’s his character sheet. Gotta love the Redblade character Generator!

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