Behind every Mega-villain….

….is a chair.
It’s really difficult to make Mind Flayers in Poser, don’t you know.

It’s true too. Usually, it’s a throne, of course – The Emperor: Throne, Sauron: Throne, Dr Doom: Throne. Sometimes though, megavillains dare to be different. Darth Vader had his Pokeball (“Vadermon, I choose you!!”), Great Cthulhu sits on an entire island, and The Joker sat on a pile of baby dolls in The Killing Joke. At least, I think they were dolls……

But anyhow. What is it with villains and their choice of furniture, I wonder. Why not go for a nice slouchy couch or a chaise lounge. One thing’s for sure though. No mega-villain would ever use a bean bag.

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