Meet Jessi Byrne, pyromaniac superheroine complete with lava-encrusted skin and flaming blood. Cool, or what?

There are surprisingly few female flame-based superheroes. In a genre where it seems every male hero has a female counterpart (Superman/Supergirl, Batman/Batgirl, Spiderman/Spidergirl/Spiderwoman/Spiderbabe), fire-power seems almost exclusively the domain of the man. We have the Human Torch (twice, at least), Flame, Firestorm and more others than I can count. Sure, they’ve had female counterparts in alternate universes, but there’s precious few flaming femmes. I can think of…. uhhhh… Frankie Raye (Nova) and possibly Jean Grey’s Phoenix, at a pinch. That’s it.

So, here’s Byrne, to redress the balance.

As to origin, she’s pretty straight-forward and unoriginal: Jessi is a thrill-seeking adventurer who fell into an active volcano and came out as living lava. She’s strong, well armoured, can superheat the area surrounding her (damage shield, melts bullets, etc) and can throw fireballs. No flight powers – that would be silly :)

I’ll stat her up for Mutants & Masterminds sometime soon as a playable PL 10 character. I reckon she’d make a fine addition to a team. What you think?

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