IHadAScrewLoose: It's time to break out the screwdrivers.

Not me, personally. Well, probably I do, but that’s not what I’m talking about.

Today, I turned my laptop on, and guess what happened……


So, I turned it off and on again. Y’know, as you do. And…. nothing. I unplugged the laptop, checked the cables, restarted it, and…. one light came on. The power light. Nothing else. No fan sound, no screen, no nothing.

A few more trips down diagnostic lane and I’m up to three lights (wooo!), but still nothing else. According to the LEDs, I’ve got power, wifi and a permanently on hard drive. And not much else. Poop. It’s time to break out the screwdrivers.

Carefully, I dismantle the laptop and lift the keyboard. I see it.

There, perfectly balanced on the motherboard is a single tiny loose screw, it’s tip pointing upward and it’s base shorting the ‘board. One careful removal and the laptop is back in full working order again.

I guess the moral is that it only takes on loose screw to send the whole thing crashing down, eh? :)

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