IGotMeACrowdScene: 25 figures and counting. Can you find them all?

The Market

One thing I’ve wanted to do for a while is work out how to create a crowd scene in Poser. Y’see, most Poser renders tend to contain just one or two figures (ok, three at the most) in full glorious hi-res detail, a pretty backdrop a few props, and…. that’s about it. That’s great for close-ups or dioramas, but sometimes I get the urge to pull the camera back and see the whole scene.

That’s where the lo-rez figures come in, and that’s what I’ve used for the image above. Most Poser figures are made up of at least 30,000 polygons; the lo-rez figures weigh in at just 2,500 polys, meaning that it would take more than ten of them in a scene to require the same procesing power of just one regular figure. Because of the low poly count, they’re not designed for close-up shots, though they’re not too bad either, as the pics below show. They have a retro-3d gaming quality to them, as if they are something from an Unreal-era RTS. It’s not realistic, but it’s not unattractive either.

While they are designed for modern scenes, it’s not difficult to recolour the clothing (it’s a part of the models) in more medieval hues. Nothing says “fantasy commoner” better that leather pants and a shirt in subdued colours. I wanted a scene that a DM could show the players in a role-playing game as they entered the town square. It’s getting there.

The pic above is a work-in-progress. There’s 25 figures in there – can you find them all? Click the image at the top to open a 1600×1200 version if you’re struggling to find them.

My aim was originally to get 30 figures into the pic, but I think I’ll keep going until the laptop explodes :)



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