ExpresslyPhotoshop: Flash, funky and free.

Hot news of the day is Photoshop Express from Adobe. Depending on how you look at it, it’s either a flash-based Flickr killer, or a nifty web editing app that wraps Photoshop Elements-like functionality into a lovely, free package.

2Gb storage space, decent privacy controls, multi-file upload, captioning and a damned good Lightroom-style interface too. What’s not to love?

It does lack some things – most notably fine control and layers – which I doubt will ever see light of day. I’m hopeful that they will bolt on a Groups-like structure to instill a sense of community to the place, and an option to view latest images (rather than entire albums) for that cool Flickr anarchy all-the-photo-from-everywhere-at-once feel. Again, it adds to the sense of community, and make browsing fun. Randomly clicking on Albums just isn’t the same.

Despite these minor flaws, it’s damn good. I’ve uploaded a handful of my renders into a public gallery if you want a looksee. The upload of all 24 files took less than a minute. Nice.

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