I wasn’t going to make another post today, but this is too good to ignore…

Web-based tutorials tend to fall into 2 camps; they’re either too simplistic or complex to be useful, or Just Don’t Work. The remaining 10-15% are pure gold, and worth shouting from the rooftops. How to get that Sin City look in your image gets it right, and boy it is a goodie. If like me you love Sin City whether it’s in graphic novel or movie from then this tutorial will make your eyes bleed. Ok, I made that last bit up.

What the tutorial does is simple enough. It show you how to take your images and turn them into the black-and-white gritty style of pulp noir. It’s perfect if you want to create a comic book of your very own, and also just downright fun to boot. Just grab an image or two, fire up Photoshop and follow the instructions.

Want proof it works? Alrighty then!

Here’s a test Poser render of mine. It’s nothing special, and cries out for a little magic.

One trip through the tutorial and this is the result.

Welcome to the world of Pulp Noir, my friend.

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