A scream of consciousness

I’m writing this using words and the words are free and I didn’t pay for them and no one owns them but they are powerful words and words can change the world and no one can patent a word because a word is just a squiggle on a page nothing more but so much more for a word is an idea is a concept is a meaning is a thought just a thought mere thought so why are some thoughts free but not others and when people talk about intellectual property (using words) they’re using other people’s words and claiming they mean something is their’s when it isn’t it’s just words and nothing more and what they claim is neither intellectual nor property but they claim it is both and that’s a lie because IP isn’t clever and it wants to be free like the words they use or the music we hear because music is nothing more than the vibration of air upon ear drums and both air and my ear drums are free so how can they claim that music must be licensed like a dog or a gun or a car when it’s nothing more than the vibration of air so that should be free too like words and intellectual property and thought and freedom and Linux and trees and flowers and other free things that are free and should be free and wants to be free set them free……………..

Translation: If you love something, set it free. It’s that simple.

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