Amid all the security and privacy concerns brought about by so-called social sites such as Facebook, and concerns (especially here in the UK) about ISPs selling your web browsing habits to viral advertisers, wouldn’t it be great to have someplace you can post whatever you want, knowing full well that the only person with access to it is you.

An anti-social network. Geddit?

The simple fact is that you do, and it’s an increasingly under-used resource in this online, share-it-all-and-be-damned age.

Just open notepad (or your text editor of choice), type whatever you want, and save it.

Don’t put it online, but keep it safe and (relatively) secure on your own computer. Heck, no one probably reads your blog anyway, so why not just keep it as a text file locally anyhow. At least you’ll know where all the hits came from, and there’s no risk of sploggers stealing your content for their own nefarious use.

There are many advantages to running an anti-social network. Here’s a few:

  • no passwords to remember
  • make updates even when you’ve no wifi access
  • easy to backup, move and restore. You can take your data with you
  • no reliance on flakey monolithic servers a thousand miles away that are managed by corporates who don’t give a crap about your data
  • no google looking over your shoulder
  • no spammers, no risk of your site being hacked
  • the latest WordPress update won’t nuke your data
  • your precious words are in plain text, the best and most portable format ever invented
  • text files don’t go down because of a database upgrade
  • it’s free! Heck, you don’t even need a domain name. Just type

Of course, if you really do want to share your precious words, that’s a simple matter of just uploading the textfile and telling whoever needs to know where to look for it.

Anti-social networks.

It’s the future, man.

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