ThoseCityStreets: Phew. Blogging has really gone down the pan here at Greywulf Towers, hasn't it?
Poser just loves depth of field and so do I

Phew. Blogging has really gone down the pan here at Greywulf Towers, hasn’t it? Well, I’ll tell you why.

The problem, really, has been threefold. Or is it fourfold? I dunno. I’m not counting.

Firstly (and leastly), my back is a-killing me. I know that’s not really an excuse for not blogging and is likely to get the usual cries of “Pain? You men don’t know the meaning of the word pain!” from the women in the audience. Don’t you just hate it when they do that, guys? Doesn’t it make you want to kick them, hard just so you can say “Yes I do. That’s the meaning of pain” in your best Mr T accent? Or is it just me who feels that way? So many questions.

But anyhow. Hurting back takes away much desire to do…. well, anything, really. It’ll pass in a day or two though. I’ll live.

Next, my little ‘puter has been on the fritz for so long now that I’ve lost the will to fight it. Just when I think I’ve fixed things it goes and locks up again, usually right in the middle of something I’ve been working on for hours as was just about to save. It’s like there’s a little malicious demon of malice in there that knows just the exact right moment to strike to cause the most annoyance. Gets me every time. Touch wood though, I think my last fix sorted things once and for all. Heh. I’m such a fool.

When the computer has been behaving though I’ve been lost in Poser, which is nice. Not much to blog about there though, and my role-playing consumption is at an all time low too, meaning Save Or Die just isn’t getting the input it deserves. Bah.

Enough griping already.

In other news: we have a broken shower. It should be replaced today. Yay!

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