This is so, so wrong.

The pic above is a new poster from the London Metropolitan Police which basically makes every photographer a potential terrorist. Heck, if you’re a Muslim and live in London I guess it’s time to pack your camera away ‘cos this poster says you’re a criminal already.

Let’s get this clear:

Photography is not a crime

Taking photographs of public buildings is not a crime

Taking photographs of people in public places is not a crime

Taking photos of CCTV cameras (ffs!) is not a crime. Heck, they take images of us, WITHOUT our permission or controls as to use

I’ll say it again: Photography is not a crime

This kind of message does nothing to prevent terrorism, and everything to spread fear. It’s Orwellian in message, tone and concept. Yes, I’m angry about this. Can you tell?

If I lived in London I’d be organizing hordes of photographers to go out with their cameras and take as many images of CCTV cameras as they possibly could. just because, y’know, it’s not illegal.


(via Thomas Hawk and others)

Addenda: Boing Boing has posted a load of great parody/remixes of the poster

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