GonnaSwitchToMinisForFour: No to minis in 3rd Edition, yes to minis in 4th

Made by me in Poser. Pretty, eh?

The news about D&D 4th Edition has gone crazymad this week, and we’re getting lots and lots of crunchy goodness to sink our teeth into. Rather than regurgitate it all here, ENWorld is doing a trojan job of pulling everything together, so I’ll direct you other there instead. There. That’s done.

One thing that I’m coming to terms with is that 4th Edition is going to be an unashamedly 100% miniatures-based game. And y’know what….. I think that’s good. I’ve resisted using minis for 3rd Edition, but when 4E comes along I’m going to dust down my minis, grab a whole load more and hit the battlemats like the rest of y’all.

For me, the problem with 3rd Edition was that minis use was rammed down our throats (whether we wanted them or not) but the rules just didn’t support much beyond moving your plastic figures to the nearest enemy plastic figure and saying “I attack”. Beyond this, missile fire and area effect spells, that was the entire minis experience. Compared to true imagination gaming there was no competition. In our mind’s eye our characters could do anything; using miniatures felt like a poorly conceived boardgame in comparison.

By the looks of things, 4E changes all that.

There’s consistent rules that’ll handle using improvised weapons, tossing chairs around, turning over table and using higher ground. There’s rules for on-the-spot DC checks when the players do funky stuff; and the characters get cool tricks, right on their character sheet from the get go. Heck, it sounds like ordinary attacks are the stuff of last restort – players are downright encouraged to do wierd and imaginitive stuff, and all that is built right into the mechanics – and figures are a straight requirement for all this goodness.

That’s not to say imaginitive gaming isn’t an option, but it sounds to me like minis is the way to go for 4th Edition, so I’m going to bite the bullet from the start.

To get myself in the right frame of mind, I’ve created a simple minis base for Poser, and I’ll be posting up fantasy renders of miniatures I’d like to see. I’m gonna create humans and elves, halflings and dwarves, monsters and…… well, more monsters, all rendered complete with base in their best “Look and me I’m a plastic figure” pose.

I might even take requests :)

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