WeDontGetEarthquakesDoWe: Shakey shakey

We do now, apparently.

Around 1am I’m surfing and Christa’s just gone to bed when the whole place starts shaking and the ceiling looks like it’s about to cave in. There’s a deep bass rumble and the birds outside (we have a load of pheasants right now) are squawking their heads off.

Then it stops.

This is in Sutton Scarsdale, near Chesterfield, Derbyshire, UK.

According to today’s BBC News site, the centre was a 5.3 in Market Rasen. That’s about 70 miles from here. Apparently it could be felt by about a third of the country. I’ve felt monir tremors before, and this was by far the biggest. It was quite enough for me :)

It’s things like this that remind us just how tiny and insignificant this island really is, eh?

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