TimesTravelling: Go travelling with the New York Times

It’s not often that I use this blog to shout out about things I find and like, mainly because there’s far too much of that kinda viral linkery stuff on the ‘net anyhow. If you really do want to see what floats my boat, take a look at my FoundCoolStuff page which contains my last 30 or so items from my Delicious feed. That keeps the front page for stuff that’s all 100% me :)

But I’m going to make an exception.

Go take a look at The Times Machine. This is The New York Times own free-for-all achive of their newspapers from 1851 to 1922, all in full digitized glory. It’s a seriously, seriously cool place that’ll eat your time like crazy. Find out what happened exactly 100 years before you were born. Read all about the sinking of the Titanic, the Crimean War and World War I, as they happenned. It sure beats reading about them in history books which are usually coloured by the “benefit” of hindsight.

What makes the site even better is that the interface is perfect; it’s unobtrusive, simple to navigate around and works with all the browsers I’ve used. Yay for working in Opera! Considering the site is a window into almost 26,000 complete newspapers that’s no mean feat. I’ve seen sites struggle to organize 26 links, never mind a thousand times that number!

All in all, The Times Machine is a great, fun place to visit.

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