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Um…who wont be using sheets?

Christa 2008-02-17 14:46 UTC

We tough Brits didn’t use duvets until around the late 1980s. Before then it was sheets and blankets only. That’s long gone now, methinks :)

GreyWulf 2008-02-17 21:56 UTC

And I’m older than you and I’ve never had anything but a duvet. Although when I was a kid there was always a sheet to protect the duvet as you probably had on the blankets. They were usually folded over a bit at the top and could have embroideries’n’stuff on them. I remember the ones we used when I was a kid had lace on them :)
But we always had duvet.

And I don’t think it has much to do with being tough or not. The temp around here rarely goes belong -15C, while the winters in Sweden often went way below -30C. So even you would’ve had a duvet over there, trust me :p

Christa 2008-02-17 22:06 UTC

hand mowers, treadle sewing machines, darning sox,

– Anonymous 2008-02-25 14:50 UTC

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