ComputerProblemsRUse: Poorly laptop. Send a doctor.

My laptop is broken. It’s randomly locking up in both Windows and Linux for no apparent reason. Doesn’t matter what apps I’m running. Heck, it doesn’t matter what Operating System I’m running – so it’s definitely not a virus. I’ve checked with AVG under XP, just to be sure, and come out clean.

Looks like it’s a hardware problem. I’ve checked the memory using memtest, and that’s all good, so it’s looking like the culprit might be the hard drive. I re-enabled 32-bit IO in the bios (no idea what turned it off in the first place) and things seemed to improve, but I’m still getting the lockups after 5-30 minutes of use. Not good.

I planned to get the first part of Chariots & Champions up yesterday. Didn’t happen, thanks to the problems. Here’s hoping I can get something up today. ::sigh::

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