TheLoveChildOfFreddieAndBruce: Mercury and Willis, that is. A Rogue for D&D.

Hot darn. I’ve made a lot of renders in Poser over the last few days, trying out this’n’that. It’s such a darned fiddlable program that it’s hard to stop, once you start.

Anyhow. One D&D character I created was an Opera singing Barbarian, mouth open in full voice. I reckon all Barbarians secretly love opera, just as all Sorcerers listen to KD Lang. My wonderful laptop crashed before I’d had chance to save that particular masterpiece, so I started from scratch to make a low-level Rogue character; I wanted a human male who is clearly able to handle himself – a STR 16 DEX 18 CON 15 kinda guy.

The end result came out uncannily like a cross between Bruce Willis and Freddie Mercury:

If you can picture the love child of Queen meets Die Hard, this would be it. Imagine a cross-dressing guy who likes to blow things up…. then try to get that image out of your head. I dare ya.

Thankfully, he looks less, well, camp up close and personal.

Oh, and I made a hella cool Elf too, but that’s a post for another day.

See ya!

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