JumbleJetsAndPantomines: Six year old have all the best words. It's a fact.

Six year old have all the best words. It’s a fact.

I reckon there should be a dictionary compiled only by children, and this should be studied by everyone over the age of 35. The world would be a better place for it, seriously.

Yesterday, my youngest son saw a plane in the sky and pointed, saying; “Look dad, a Jumble Jet!”

They talk about going to a Pantomine (which conjours images of exploding dames in our cynical adult minds), complain about having to wear a Cycle Hemlet and boast they can do the Best Stroke for a width of the pool. Six year olds have a magical language all of their own, born from that wonderful mixture of an overactive mind, a tongue too big for their mouths and a talent for selective hearing.

It just doesn’t get better than being six. Six is the perfect age.

Oh to be six again, eh?

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