ObsoleteSkills: Gone, and going.


Robert Scoble put up a list of Obsolete Skills, including just nostaliga-tugging ones as “Dialing a rotary phone” and “Developing film” (something I haven’t done for about two years, though plan to, again). In the same vein, here’s my addenda to the list:

  1. Make a bed using sheets
  2. Wind up your watch
  3. Whisk by hand
  4. Copy music to cassette tape
  5. See the test card image
  6. Wear a shirt and tie when not at work
  7. Use correction fluid
  8. Walk home from school
  9. Remember a telephone number
  10. Change TV channel by turning a dial
  11. Write a letter
  12. Wear a hat with a brim
  13. Use dialect words only known locally
  14. Listen to a B-Side

Some of these are things that, while still being done, fall into the obsolete skill pile. You probably know them and do them, but it’s unlikely your children will. Sad? Most definitely.

Can you add to the list?

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