LovePoserHateWindows: Victoria 4.2 yay. Windows boo.
Victoria 4.2’s computer locks up under Windows XP. Again.

I’ve spent the last few days lost in Poser while waiting for the new Victoria 4.2 model to be released, and it was very well worth the wait. The guys over at DAZ 3D had a few last minute hiccoughs in the installer to sort out, but she finally appeared in my download folder yesterday afternoon. And. She’s. Brilliant!

Now, I never got along with the original Vicky 4.0 model simply because she felt like a step backwards after Victoria 3.0. She just seemed too mannequin-like in style, all the bells and whistles just over-complicated her. She was great if you wanted to create super-models all day long, but too it was too much hard work to create ordinary folk. It doesn’t help that my Poser folder is pack-jam full of Vicky 3 goodies, of course :)

So anyhow, along comes v4.2, and she’s utterly, utterly brilliant. For a start the model is (as far as I can tell) compatible with all the Vicky 4.0 and 4.1 stuff out there, but she’s also a lot simpler to use too. The render above took about 10 minutes to do, including setting up the excellent Skin Realism Kit. I’d say she combines the best of both worlds giving us a very simple model to use with access to all the latest Poser goodness. Perfect.

Which is a lot more than I could say about the lameass so-called “Operating System” that is Windows. I’m not surprised they give this crap away with computer ‘cos I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t sell. Here’s a list of my woes, over the two days:

  • Multiple lock-ups for no reason at all. They don’t happen under Ubuntu at all, so it’s not a hardware issue
  • Two minutes to re-start, staring at a “Welcome” screen that might just as well say “Fuck off” only to login then have to wait another minute or so while waiting for the computer to actually let me do stuff
  • Three different hourglass mouse pointers, including the dumb-as-fuck torch icon while the My Computer screen tries to work out what a computer is. What’s that about?
  • The Send To menu freezes the right-click menu. Every. Time.
  • Adware, viruses, trojans. It’s an entire fricking industry. 60,000 viruses for Windows in the wild. Compare that with 5 theoretical ones for Linux. That’s down to the much better user security model for UNIX-like systems, as well as the measure of disdain for Windows. Windows ain’t respected, dude! If you say your computer isn’t compromised your either a fool, very tech savvy or incredibly lucky. Chances are that your computer is trying to DDOS someone else’s server right now, all without your knowledge. Windows is not a net capable operating system
  • System updates are nothing more than continual security patches. Updates don’t improve the system, just fix a leaky bucket
  • Explorer locks then crashes when trying to copy files to our file server, requiring a ctrl-alt-del then File->Run Explorer to restart it. Until it finally locks the whole thing requiring a reboot. Again. I had to do that about 5 times this morning
  • Talking of Explorer – 32Mb of memory used when idle?! WTF?!!?! I can run entire Linux OS in that space!
  • Internet Explorer. ‘Nuff said. I’ve got both Opera and Firefox installed, yet Windows still insists on using ferkin IE7 to run Windows Update, exposing my computer to all sorts of malicious badness while at the same time trying to plug the holes. Oh, the irony.
  • My computer runs at 1.5Ghz. That’s one and a half thousand million operations per second. So how come everything to so damned slow? I’m a programmer, and I’ve no clue why either. Give me my clock cycles back!

In the name of all that’s holy can software companies take note and migrate applications such as Poser and Photoshop over to Linux where they belong. This’ll mean a more stable platform, faster running and a much more enjoyable experience all round.

Go on. You know you want to. Pretty please?

But hey. Victoria 4.2 is well worth all the pain, even so.

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