LostInWallpaper: I love you, Social Wallpapering

Damn you BoingBoing. Damn you for pushing links to me which eat my time and fill my hard drive. Keep up the good work :)

Rather tasteful wallpaper image

Social Wallpapering is one such link, containing as it does thousands of rather excellent quality desktop wallpaper images covering everything from fantasy to sports to cute cats to cars to…. well, pretty much anything, really. What makes this stand out from the crowd of other wallpaper sites (along with being great quality) is that the images are ranked, graded and classified by we users, so peer review pushes the best of the best to the top of the pile. Newer developments are in the works to make sure that the original artists get full credit where they’re due, which is all important and usually overlooked at sites such as these.

If you want proof it works, head over to socwall and go to browse->everything->highest rated to see for yourself. I’m feeling generous, so here’s the direct link.

I’m fond of this one, in particular:

Attack of the notebook

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