TiscaliWoes: Not good. Not good at all.

A few months ago we signed up with Tiscali, and It Was Good. The connection wasn’t speedy thanks to our antiquated exchange, and us being all of 3.41km away from it. But hey, it worked, and worked fine.


This last month has been ‘net Hell. The connection drops for no reason, the DNS servers stop talking, ports are blocked that weren’t originally, and the connection speeds goes from normal to AOL-dialup speed in the blink of an eye. In short, it’s crap, and in that, we’re not alone. Seems like Tiscali are hacking off an awful lot of folks (link to Tiscali’s own forums) right now.

What’s worse is that, like loads of other peeps, we’ve raised a trouble ticket because of this, because That’s What We Were Told To Do. That was over two weeks ago, and we’ve heard….. nothing., nada, zip, not a thing. Same as everyone else.

At least we’re not alone :)

Tiscali seem to be having a major “fuck you we don’t care” drive right now, as shown by this, this and this story from The Register.


C’mon Tiscali. Get your flaming act together!! Ok?

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