UpgradingDev: Pretty painless, really.

A few days ago, ::DEV suffered from a severe case of the poorlies. That’s the site I host which offers free, zero-install WordPress blogs for all (except spammer, sploggers and the like, of course. They’re shot on sight). The problem was that all the posts in each blog was being displayed in reversed order; an anti-blog, as it were.

Tracking down the problem revealed that it was due to a recent change in the logic used my MySQL when it comes to queries that mix GROUP BY and ORDER BY statements. The only practical solution was to upgrade the version of WordPress-MU used by ::DEV. That wasn’t something I was looking forward to; that code is old, but very hacked by my goodself, and (until now) surprisingly stable. An upgrade threatened to become a huge headache.

Despite this, I’ve bitten the bullet, made the upgrade, and am in the middle of testing it all now. It’s all been pretty painless so far, and the changes I originally made to the code seem to be now largely redundant thanks to the overall improvement in the code quality. Which is good.

So far, I’ve added the default Spam Karma 2 WordPress plugin (which workds with WPMU just fine), the rather excellent FireStats and the WPMU Random Captcha in the hope it’ll keep the sploggers at bay. I need to find a new backup plugin which works with WMPU, run a few more tests then it’s ready to allow new blogs onto the block.

I’m also trolling through WPMUDEV to see what other goodies are out there.

All in a day’s work :)

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