LookMaNewPhotos: Tapton Park and back.

You're at the end of the road again

It feels like it’s been ages since we’ve had a real honest-to-goodness phototrip, what with poorly cars, poorly us, cold weather and whatnot, but we actually made it out today with the cameras in tow. The journey wasn’t a long one – all of 4 miles – to Tapton Park in Chesterfield, but it certainly helped to blow a few cobwebs away.

Getting the camera in my hands again is like having a cast removed from a broken leg. When I’m holding the camera I feel… well, complete, somehow, like I need that lens to be able to see properly. It didn’t take long until I was in a world of my own thinking in terms of composition, light and shade, f/stops and shutter speeds. Apart from a few deliberate slow exposure shots I kept at ISO 200 and minimal aperture with a -2/3 stop dialed in to bring out the shadows and saturation. That seemed to suit the light pretty well, overall; I’ve not done a thing with the shots in terms of post-processing, and they look fine to me.

Overall, I ended up with 23 keepers out of 69 shots. That’s not a bed result given that I’m very rusty. I’ll be picking out the best of those to post over the coming week or so.

I reckon this is the best of the day:

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