Hardy Heron Upgrade Done

Short and sweet: The upgrade to Ubuntu 8.04 Hardy Heron Alpha 4 is done. I’ve tweaked to my heart’s content, put back my home folder and everything is hunky dory.

Here’s my upgrade notes, in full.

  • Fixes
    • Added b43-fwcutter to grab wireless firmware from Windows partition, wireless worked immediately
    • CPU Frequency scaling needed p4_clockmod module adding to /etc/modules
    • VESA driver running @ 800×600 by default. Fixed to get 1280×800, then installed openchrome driver. Much better :)
    • Added Option “!EnableAGPDMA” “false” to /etc/X11/xorg.conf to stop strange screen glitches. Working fine now.
    • Added STOP_SERVICES=”networking” to /etc/default/acpi-support as advised here. Wireless works after resuming from suspend now.
  • Removed non-Roman fonts (over 100Mb!!)
  • Remove bluez
  • Changed GNOME layout to single taskbar at top of screen
  • Added applications:
    • DidiWiki
    • txt2tags
    • opera
    • deborphan
    • sm (screen message)
    • openbox, obconf and openbox-themes. Ran
 openbox --replace &
    • blt. Needed libxml-libxml-perl and libyaml-perl
    • added comix then found out evince handles .cbr archives too (yay!), so removed comix again

That means I had to do surprisingly little, in reality; one tiny download to get the wifi working, change the graphics driver and apply two tweaks and install 7 apps to get it all working exactly how I want. That’s the entire system, apps and all! Compare that with the install/patch/download and install software from everywhere shambles that is Windows Vista.

See? No comparison!

8.04 looks set to be the best Ubuntu yet. On my laptop it boots in 30 seconds, restores fom suspend in 10, uses less memory than 7.10 and generally feels faster overall.

Not bad for an Alpha release, eh? :)

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