GreywulfsBigLongListOfThingsToDo: Alsorts of everything

  • Fix/upgrade ::DEV. Posts are being displayed in some strange order on all the blogs; I’ve never seen that happen in WordPress or WordPress-MU before, ever, and I’m beginning to suspect that I’ve hacked off a few too many spammers by blocking and blacklisting them. Hack suspected. Must fix asap!
  • Upgrade to my brain blog to Prologue 1.3, which is now available. Also need to work out some kind of post regime. Short twitter-like posts aren’t popular in a general blog, it seems – but I do want somewhere to run normal life-stuff style posts that doesn’t interfere with the geekery here at the Lair. Hmmmmmm.
  • Write introduction to Save Or Die issue 6. I’m going to start putting the articles up one at a time, in the style of Dragon Online, then collate them into a PDF for download when done. I quite like that idea. Don’t forget to drop a dollar in the tin if you like ‘em! :)
  • Mention this post about how to get a shiny uber-cool Wallpaper Clock for Ubuntu, because it works brilliantly, take very little memory and I’ve been meaning to get one for ages.
  • Find another font for this wikiblog. I like the larger screen estate, but the combination of sans serif font and too-close-together lines is a little hard on the eyes. Must fix.
  • Get out, take photos. Oh yes.
  • Complete writing Chariots & Champions, my mini-game take on a fantasy version of Car Wars. It’s almost done!

I’m sure there’s more, but that’ll do for now :)

UPDATE: ok, so the problems at ::DEV aren’t a hack, but a known bug caused by a mysql upgrade. So, I need to upgrade my very modified code with the latest WordPress-MU. That’s going to take a while. Grrrrrr.

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