Torchwood1918: Rather jolly good.

We’ve just watched the latest episode of Torchwood, the rather jolly good Doctor Who spin-off series. This particular episode focused on a time-rift in a hospital which linked the modern day and 1918. The problem was that unless the rift is shut down, it’s going to spread and wipe out life as we know it. I’m sure you know the drill.

Thankfully, the Torchwood team have a solution in the guise of Tommy, a soldier from back in 1918 who’s been kept in cryo-storage for this very purpose. No, really.

It’s all glorious hockum, but thanks to some great writing, fewer gratuituous snogging scenes than usual (enough, already!) and the chance for Toshiko to shine I’d rate it as the best episode in this series so far. It also gets bonus points for the Doctor Who saving the world in his pyjamas reference. Lovely stuff.

In some ways, Torchwood is set to become this generation’s Sapphire & Steel (which also featured a time-lost WWI soldier story), with the team throwing ever more enthusiasm into increasingly incomprehensible storylines. And really, that’s not a bad thing :)

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