DudeWhereDaSideBarGo: It's gone. Oh yes it has.

Yes, the SideBar? has gone. It has left the mortal coil. The SideBar? is no more. This is a blog without a SideBar?. Oh, the horror!

Call it an experiment in minimalism or call it a stoopid mistake, but I’m going to be fiddling with the layout of this wikiblog over the next few days, stripping out some stuff and adding other goodies in.

There’s a coupla reasons to lose the SideBar?; here’s mine:

  • Less to load, so quicker load time
  • Wider content space (I’ve set this to 900px for now – tell me if it’s too much, please) means I can post larger photos ‘n’ renders without having to use a click thru’ to show bigger images
  • Most folks read via RSS and either read content directly in their feed reader, or only click through to see stuff that interests them. The SideBar? serves no purpose for those peeps; they want the content, and only the content. I respect that.
  • The SideBar? contains mainly introductory stuff (Hi! I’m me!), links to other folks and stuff that’s only really useful to yours truly. That can all be pulled into other pages such as AboutMe and FoundCoolStuff, links which properly belong at the top of the page anyhow. I’ll be adding them there soon

I’m sure there’s other excellent reasons which escape me right now.

Either ways, expect changes. ‘Cos they’re a happening :)

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