Chariots And Champions

Up until last night, I had a problem.

Ysee, what Im supposed to have been doing was working on the upcoming mini-game for Save Or Die. I envisaged some kind of gritty urban low-fantasy setting using the Mutants & Masterminds rules, but readily adaptable to D&D too. I pictured some kind of Ptolus-meets-Warhammer thing.

The problem was twofold; first of all I needed a hook; something to make the mini-game sparkle. In the best tradition of the d20 mini-games from the Polyhedron era of Dungeon mag, I wanted something just a little off the wall. I wanted something that meant Id be able to toss in a few new rules into the mix as well as provide the usual fluff. After all, a mini-game without rules is just a campaign setting, right?

The other problem is that I’ve been having way too much fun with Car Wars. Remember that? I’m loving me some cardboard counters, rules that smell of engine oil and 1980s era game mechanics. Car Wars rocks, folks. If you’ve never played it, raid eBay, find a torrent or track down a copy in the back cupboard of your local game store, immediately. Avoid 5th Edition though as it lacks the all important vehicle design rules.

So last night, I realized I can use one problem to solve the other.

And thus Chariots & Champions was born.

Picture dark-elves riding demonbound armour-plated chariots clashing in the arena against orcs on air sharks. Imagine steam-powered dwarftrains loaded to the teeth with napalm crossbows and kobold warwagons made from a dragon turtle shell. Picture the crowd baying for blood around the arena.

Now imagine an Empire brought to its knees following the Great Incursion. Picture the towns and cities suddenly brought low in one massive riot of destruction where only the bravest, hardiest and most well armoured Charioteers venture beyond the city walls for much needed supplies.

This is Car Wars, fantasy style. Were going to have vehicle construction rules, arenas, road battles, a handful of scenarios, character archetypes for M&M as well as rules for D&D. Oh my.

Welcome to Chariots & Champions.

Interested? :)

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