ThrudThrudThrudThrudThrud: the Barbarian, that is.


Thrud the Barbarian, that is. Back in the good old days when White Dwarf magazine was the premier UK-based independent RPG magazine on the planet, Thrud was it’s star and leading man. And boy, what a man.

Star of White Dwarf comic strip, graphic novels and more, Thrud is a barbarian’s barbarian. I think this panel sums him up best:

Penned by the utterly brilliant Carl Critchlow, Thrud raised dumb violence to a new level. One of the most memorable Thrud panels of all time was when Carl himself suggested that there should be more plot in the strip. Check it out here. Go on click it. You know you want to.

Thrud has his own website now and it’s well worth a visit to check through the Archives.

Man, that brings back memories :)

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