ClearingTheBacklog: vim plugins, slitaz and more

In the todo.txt file I use to keep notes of stuff I want to… well, do…. there’s an ever growing list of what I plan to blog about sometime in the near future. The problem is that it’s growing faster than I’m posting ‘em.

So, to help stem the tide, here’s a quick mishmash of everything.

First off, Vim is my favouritest text editor in the whole world. It’s powerful, efficient and customizable in ways that only emacs can rival.

Three plugins for Vim that have found a permanent home in my .vim/plugins directory are vimpress, twitter and potwiki, all of which pretty much give away their function with their names, but here’s the info anyhow.

Vimpress lets you make posts and edits to a wordpress blog straight from vim. In effect, vim becomes your wordpress back-end meaning you’ve got full access to spell-checking, advanced editing commands and all the other things normally lacking in a browser text window. That’s great if you spend most of your life in a text editor, like me.

Twitter does the same for, well, Twitter. I tend to keep a scratch file open in vim and if the fancy takes me I can post that to twitter in a blink. Clever, and just like twitter itself, bound to spawn a thousand uses.

Potwiki is the plugin I use the most though; it adds a wiki to vim. No, really. WikiWords can be picked up from any text file. Press enter and a new page is created in a .wiki directory. Add text, then hop back into the original file. Can anyone say “instant automatic document generation”? I can. As with the other plugins, a thousand uses just beg to be discovered.

Moving away from vim SliTaz also gets a mention in my todo.txt. That’s a new bootable micro live Linux CD on the block that weighs in at a mere 23Mb – half that of the uber brilliant Damn Small Linux. It’s almost as polished as DSL but all the more notable for having great multi-language support. The developers are French so there’s good support for that language in particular. Thanks to it’s size there aren’t so many productivity apps as there is in DSL but if all you want to do is surf using Firefox using a bootable USB stick, it’s great. Clever stuff indeed. For now, DSL is the winner, but SliTaz is one to watch, for sure.

Next up: OperaStumbler. While StumbleUpon is a great way to find cool stuff online, it suffers (for me, at least) for being Firefox only. Opera deserves some of the Stumble love too, and OperaStumbler provides just that by giving the bestest web browser buttons and a menu to we can stumble too. Stumble Upon officially frown on this. I reckon they should Do The Right Thing and adopt it as their own instead. Great stuff.

Phew! Almost there.

Last up, a quick funky Ubuntu app for you. sm stands for screen message. Run it and you’re left with a big blank screen. Type and the words will the screen, gradually getting smaller and the words will the available space. Leave bigass messages on your laptop, type like you’re Jack Nicholson, or use it instead of a screen-saver so folks can leave you notes. Whatever you use it for, it’s clever, cute and fun.

Errrm. I think I need to stop now! :)

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