Comments on IHaveFable: hehehe…told ya :p I better hide my passport ;)

Send food?? @c@
Are you accusing me for starving you? :P
gives Robins tummy a glance :p

Christa 2008-01-17 21:46 UTC

You can always come over and spend some days here in Switzerland with me and Claudia. You do some vegetarian (sorry) cooking for us, we’ll entertain you, and every now and then we send Robin a Xbox game. And after two months you can go back and you’ll find Robin slim and happy to eat your food again. Everything will be perfect except that Robin will probably be short sighted like a mole and have calluses the size of strawberries on his thumbs…

AlexSchroeder 2008-01-17 22:46 UTC


Fable is a brilliant, brilliant game. I think I’ve just sold my soul to an xbox game. Ah well. I wasn’t using it anyway.

I wonder what the postage will be to send Christa by airmail :)

GreyWulf 2008-01-17 23:45 UTC

LOL…careful…he might want to get rid of me….hehehehe

Christa 2008-01-17 23:45 UTC

hehehe…told ya :p
I better hide my passport ;)

Christa 2008-01-17 23:46 UTC

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