PickSix: What's yours?

Here’s a quick ten second challenge for y’all.

Pick six programs/applications and whatnot you use more than any others. Just six. No more, no less. Doesn’t matter whether you use Linux, Windows, a Mac or an ancient Commodore Pet (remember those?), just list ‘em. I’m curious.

Here’s mine:


From left to right:

  1. A terminal window. Usually, aterm, though any old terminal window or console will do. Give me a bash shell, Perl and vim, and I will conquer the world. Or something.
  2. A file manager. Nautilus or PCmanFM work for me. For those times I need to see what I’m working with; usually photo or pdf work. Visual is good, sometimes.
  3. Opera. Web browser, mail client, rss reader and irc client all in one ultra-low memory program. Internet perfection.
  4. Firefox. For those times I need to check how a site looks in an alternate browser. I also keep plugins turned off in Opera to keep it low memory, and use Firefox if I want to watch some YouTube or iPlayer goodness
  5. Gimp. Like photoshop, but with a sillier name. Gimp rocks!
  6. xmms. Small but perfectly formed mp3 player.

Oh, and the cropped screenshot above is from a fresh openbox theme I’ve been fiddling with, using the yap adesklet to create a really cool launch bar. Pretty, eh? More on that, another time.

That’s mine. What’s yours?

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