LikeJazzLikeBluesLoveMusic: Fin de cavale by Trafic de Blues. Play it LOUD!

Jamendo rocks my world, both literally and figuratively. If you’re tired of all the mass produced vocoder clone-alike pseudo-blondes or (c)rap artist telling us how tough they are, then Jamendo is the cure. It’s a music download site like no other. For a start, these are musicians you’ve never heard of. You’re unlikely to find them on MTV any time soon. It’s underground music at it’s very, very best pulling in genres from all over the world, not just the egocentric universe that is the USA. There’s cuban, french, greek, old-school British jazz and more, all waiting to be discovered and rediscovered up there. It’s a playground for your ears.

Heck, if your tastes are more mainstream, that’s in there too, but where’s the fun in that? :)

But there’s more. Jamendo’s tagline is “open your ears”, and my open they mean more than just declogging your lugholes. This is free Creative Commons licensed music tracks just waiting to leap from your browser to your iPod to your brain. Albums can be downloaded straight from the site or via torrent in .mp3 or .ogg format with a single click; there’s no payment, no DRM, no nothing but the tunes. Terrific stuff.

Fin de cavale by Trafic de Blues is among the best of the best of Jamendo. It’s jazz blues strapped into an electric chair with howling sax and harmonica playing the riffs that make the world go round. It’s brain pounding stuff that hits the inner smile button like a mischievous kitten. In other words, it’s really rather good.

And that’s just one album on Jamendo. There’s another six and a half thousand to be discovered.


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