Comments on PickSix: # *Firefox* — no browse, no house, or something. I need it for *Bloglines*, *Gmail*, and all the *Oddmuse* sites out there. # *Emacs* — for teh . . .

Oh my…only six?
Lets see…

Photoshop CS3 – which is an old professional habit more than anything :p

Vue 6 xStream – is an addiction. Not running ALL the time though since that would take too much recourses.

ZBrush 3– another favorite :) All I need is a new tablet too :p

Mailwasher – hate to get the spam in my inbox.

MSN Messager – is usually open 24/7…unless I’m rendering of course.

Firefox – cannot leave the web browser behind. He would feel lonely :)

If the first 3 apps in that list would be available for Linux, I would leave Winblows behind and never look back again.
But…you can’t have it all.

Christa 2008-01-14 01:57 UTC

  1. Firefox – no browse, no house, or something. I need it for Bloglines, Gmail, and all the Oddmuse sites out there.
  2. Emacs – for teh win! Best IRC client ever.
  3. Adium & Pidgin – libgaim Instant Messaging clients.
  4. iTunes – music sweet music.
  5. Terminal / putty / bash – happy happy
  6. Uhhh. Did I cheat? Do I need to put ssh in here or something? I don’t often use Gimp and Inkscape

Alex Schröder 2008-01-14 11:21 UTC

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