DiePopupDie: How to kill those annoying double-underlined popup thingies.

Here’s a quick and funky Opera browser tip for you, straight from the pages of Opera @ Live Journal:

Most of you are familiar with those in-text link advertisements where words and phrases in an article or blog entry are underlined; when you mouseover these links, a javascript window pops up to flash an advertisement at you.
I find it far more annoying than banner ads. You can easily disable this behavior in Opera (no addons necessary!). The main “service” of these ads is IntelliTXT?.
In Opera 9 and above:
Preferences >
Advanced >
Content > [Blocked content…] >
Click the [Add…] button on the new dialog, then enter
in the bottom pane.
Hit Enter, then [Close] this window, and [Okay] the main Preferences dialog.
Voila. No more of these content link ads from this service on any page that you visit.

I add http//*.kontera.com/* to the list as well, and between the two of them that should kill off about 90% of the little buggers.

Ah me. Another reason to love Opera. It’s the bestest browser on the planet, bar none.

More usefully, if you use these on your site (http://www.linux.org/, I’m looking at you, especially), DON’T. There are far, far better revenue streams than pissing off your readership. Really, there is.

Thanks for listening.

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